People who are "In the Know" and who have "Been There"
Creative Director ~ "Creative Chick"
Teresa embodies "Creative Chick." She is passionate about art, color, fonts, design, photography, music...you name it. Her creative eye helps provides each client with a unique "look" that sets them apart.

Favorite Food - I love to eat really good food. If I had to pick something it would have to be bread, cheese and olive oil

Favorite Drink - Red Wine!

Favorite Move - Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Iron man and The Parent Trap (it always makes me cry!)

Favorite Place to Visit - Too many places to say but Paris, Hong Kong, Hanoi and Cape Town are some of my most memorable vacations. Oh, I can't leave out Venice or Verona...I love the Amaroné wine from there. Darn and then there's Cuba, Moorea and many places in Switzerland. Oh, and I didn't think I would, but I loved Berlin. Ok stopping now.

Favorite Painting Title - Dali at the age of six when he believed himself to be a young girl, lifting the skin of the water to observe a dog sleeping in the shadow of the sea–––Salvador Dali
brand new marketing

Celebrating over 12 years, brand advertising group(bag) is an innovative Central Kentucky marketing organization. By focusing on results based plans for its clients, brand advertising group has distinguished itself in both traditional and digital marketing arenas.  We become a part of your organization, a member of your team, not just another vendor. This commitment to a team approach opens doors to innovative creative concepts, effective advertising strategies and digital marketing ideas and plans unique to your business. No cookie cutters here! Our goal: Grow your business!