People who are "In the Know" and who have "Been There"
Digital Media Analyst
Ian is a rare find....a true gem! Not only is he ambidextrous, but he uses both sides of his brain all the time! What that means to our clients is that Ian is super creative and analytical. Crazy combination, right?! He is able to identify and isolate key performance indicators, use metrics and analyze lots and lots of data to provide recommendations that are all about results. Ian then takes the recommendations and helps lay out a creative plan to ensure positive results.
brand new marketing

Celebrating over 12 years, brand advertising group(bag) is an innovative Central Kentucky marketing organization. By focusing on results based plans for its clients, brand advertising group has distinguished itself in both traditional and digital marketing arenas.  We become a part of your organization, a member of your team, not just another vendor. This commitment to a team approach opens doors to innovative creative concepts, effective advertising strategies and digital marketing ideas and plans unique to your business. No cookie cutters here! Our goal: Grow your business!